Microflow not working inside a reference selector.

Hi, I’ve created a reference selector with the selectable object as a microflow X. This microflow X returns a list of items that it gets from an external REST API. The outcome of the microflow is a list of object A. The data does not get stored anywhere i.e the entities are all non-persisted. The issue is that the items are not getting populated in the dropdown at all. I tried debugging the code, from what I understood, the microflow is not getting called at all. How can I solve this ? Another question, how does the reference selector work exactly, specially when it comes to showing a list  in a dropdown. PS: I’m new to this platform, thus may not know some things that are pretty much obvious.   Thanks.  
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  1. Did you mapped your microflow under Selectable Objects tab of reference selector?
  2. Onload of your page this microflow should hit, check whether your breakpoint is enabled and debugger connected properly