Is Data View the only widget that can set Label Width?

Hi. I have a form and for one certain input widget I need a different label width. I see that the all inputs contained in a data view get the CSS classes like col-sm-N and col-N where N is a number depending on the Label Width selected in the properties of the enclosing Data View. Therefore if I just add an extra CSS class to my input widget the properties will mix with undefined winner. I can’t find any other container with the Label Width property. I tried to add a nested Data View, but it cannot reuse the same object from the context, it requires a referenced object or an object from a nanoflow and I don’t know what side effects it will have.
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My non-CSS solution is

  1. Add a layout grid with 2 column with the desired distribution of label vs input box
  2. First column text widget; with label caption, weight: semibold
  3. Second column input widget, with disabled label
  4. Done