Mendix Native - Custom styling that support different screen sizes

Hi All, We are using custom styling in native mobile applications and we are having a hard time especially when it comes to the alignment of different components since we are having a lot many different screen sizes in inches and pixel ratios. Based on our understanding, there is only a single unit in Mendix native styling which is pixels. But our problem is if we are having two devices both are of the same screen size say 6 inches and have different pixel ratios, If I set a container width as 100, it will show very smaller in the phone which is having higher pixels. What would be the optimal way of do styling a native mobile application so that it will look good on the majority of mobile devices?
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Since Mendix Native leverages React Native under the hood, the styling strategies are the same. All measurements are done in pixels, as you suggest: If you’d like to style components relative to screensize and/or available space, I’d suggest looking into using Flex Dimensions (described lower down in the above link).