Not able to take screen shot of datagraphs as i want to print the whole page

In my app i am using data graph and i want to download those data graphs for which i am using window. Print() in JavaScript action. Now when i try to download data graph it is not getting fit into the page complete graph is not showing in the page for which i am sharing screen shots. I tried to use @media print code to set the size of a page but it is not working. Could you please provide me the solution on this how can i download data graphs separately or how to set the CSS to set the size of a page so that i would be able to get exact print of my data graphs. I have created one class printpage and called it on the page from where i want to view datagraphs. In the javascript code i am using below code but css is not getting applied - document.getElementsByClassName('printpage')[0].setAttribute("style", "height:100%; size:A4 landscape;"); Is there any other way to achieve this functionality to print screen for datagraphs.
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Hi Jaya,


Maybe you can use this widget from the marketplace Print screen to PDF?

In this widget you can specify which container you want to print to PDF.