Why do i get the error: The number of pages to close evaluated to 0. It must be at least 1

Hi, i made the simplest microflow ever, where i create a new article and want to show this in a popup. I don't want to close any pages yet because it is a popup. So closePages = 0.   When i run this and click on new Article, i get the error “The number of pages to close evaluated to 0. It must be at least 1.” Why should it be at least one? i don't want to close any pages i just want to show an extra page.   Things i have already tried: - using default “new” button action. This works but i want to add extra functionality in a microflow, which is not possible in this option - Setting the ClosePage to  Single/multiple/all. This does work, at least there is no error, but when committing the new article (commit, refresh and close SinglePage) The data grid is not refreshed and i don't see my new article. I think this has to do with the closePage setting in the Article_Create microflow.   I encountered this in mendix 9.6.6 but this version is not selectable in the dropdownlist while creating this question. Is there someting going on   
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Hi Remi,


This appears to be a Mendix misconfiguration, I was able to replicate it. If you select multiple and set it to 0 there. Then on saving it will show as none on the next time you open it. However it seems to be holding the 0 value there from the multiple still.

I got it to work again when I set it from multiple = 2 (save the show page action) and adjust it to none again.

Does this also work for you?


We ran into this issue too. Issue has been fixed in Mx 9.8:


Thank you for your patience! I'm happy to inform you that Studio Pro version 9.8.0 has just been released with this fix included.

  • We fixed an issue with switching to None for the Close Pages option in the Show page activity