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Hello Everyone! Can you please help me with the problem, i tried to fix it, but didn’t find the reason for such strange behaviour… The problem is that i have a full screen mendix logo on my login page and it prevents me from log in and i can’t do anything with that( Have someone faced with this issue and made it fixed? Below is the screenshot of the problem.
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Hi Vadim,

you can find the image in the Login.html in the theme folder there you check out the image is having class or id 

if id use # selector if class use . selector and use the name which used and use the property max-height:x px;


hope this helps.



Seen that. Did not take the time to find the root cause, just added classname ‘mendixlogo’ to that logo-image in the page template and added to main.scss

    max-height: 40px;

There probably is a prettier solution, but this works.


Hi Vadim Pshenkin,


Reduce the size of the mendix logo image via css.