Please tell me how to apply custom CSS

After applying SAP Fiori 3.0 UI Resources Added a class to \ theme \ styles \ web \ sass \ app \ _custom.scss. After that, I added a class created by Appearance> Common> Class in Mendix Pro. However, the design does not change. Please tell me how to apply custom CSS.
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quite honestly, this is a pure mess. Why do you have an “appearance” tab if you cannot apply styling there? Sometimes you don’t want to go into the depths of adjusting css files. Instead apply it right where it belongs (as 1000s of other tools do it). This is not “low code” but “full code” :(


Hi Yuya,

Did you check this →

Other things that you can check:

  1. Inspect the element in your browser.
  2. Check if the class is applied, if it is then check if the properties are applied to the element as you would want to
  3. In case you don’t see the changes, recompile your style by pressing on F4, restarting the application.


Hope this helps!


Hi Yuva,

I would suggest you to follow this video: