SCSS file changes reflect issue.

Hi everyone, I am using 9.8.2 version. Trying to make some Styling to my application. As we know each module will have a main.scss file. we need to write css stuffs on that file or we will have separate scss file , import that into main.scss file. Also from Mendix 9 there is no need of external compile tool like Calypso. My problem I have written some styles in scss file and run locally. The changes i made is not reflected in browser after deployment. Then If I do App→ Sync App Directory then my changes getting reflected. I dont know what is the issue. In local its working like this. But in cloud its not reflected. Can anyone suggest what should I do.   Before click app → synchronize app directory After Synch App Directory This is what the actual requirement . But its not reflected . Please suggest me a solution.  
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They have fixed this issue in 9.10.1 onwards. I would suggest upgrading your modeler version