Customize Styling on Calendar Native Widget

Hey guys, I’ve read through the documentation about custom styling for native widgets, and I’ve tried using the Element Inspector in the make it native app to figure out class names used for the individual components I’m trying to override with my custom styling, but I’m not really getting anywhere. All I’d like to do is make the font size a little bigger. My peers and I have tried a number of different approaches and combinations to try and get the styling to budge/change, but at this point I’m just guessing and hoping something will stick. The next step I had in mind was to create a fork of the github repository here and override the styling from within the widget, but I wanted to check in the forums first if there was an easier way. Any tips at all for targeting specific class names of built native widgets or how to use the element inspector tool would be greatly appreciated as well. Thank you in advance! Update: A Mendix veteran (Shout out to Eric T.) helped me understand why none of my custom styles appeared to be sticking, and it’s primarily due to the fact that sometimes widgets don’t account/allow for custom styling. This is the example he gave me: Style Inclusion Example in Pluggable Widget Essentially, for styles to take any kind of effect in the rendering of a widget they need to be passed in as a prop, and then included in the building of that widget’s style sheets. Hope I explained that correctly, and hopefully that brings some peace of mind to someone in the future. Looks like I get to make some custom edits to the widget after all!
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