UI Resources Module not applying any CSS or changes when imported to new project

Hi all I’ve made a new module in a fresh app with all our company custom styling, run it and it works great.   I’ve exported this module package manually, and added it to another existing project, that already has a lot of custom styling in a /theme folder which we are intending to replace with this. However when I remove the old custom styling and import this new module, none of the styling appears at all after clearing the deployment directory and running locally   According to this page: https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/ui-resources-package/#2-theme-folder it should be as simple as importing the module, and then the studio managing the folder structure. However I’m not seeing the theme folder update, or theme_old appear, and when I try and do a whole copy+paste of the theme folder of the first app over to the second, I get a lot of atlas errors.   Both apps are in 9.12.1   Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong, if I’m missing something massively obvious? 
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