AnyChart text Shadow

Hello!   I have a problem with anychart there is a shadow around the text, and it not looks great, I give it a new value, but it not overwrited the existing one, just on the one on the hoverlabel.  Is someone no where can I set it? There is an on the picture which can over write it, but I dont find it in Mendix.    
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One thing you can try is the place where you gave the fill, give it s text-shadow with an !important tag to make it more specific CSS.

However this is not the right solution. The Widget should give you the custom styling options. I know that above method is just overriding CSS on a situational basis but the right solution is to find the custom styling options provided by the underlying plottly.js (which drive the AnyChart widget) 


Can you check if the widget gives you more customization options?