Add a profile Image to a navbar

Hello Everyone  I was trying to add a dynamic image to the navbar as a profile picture for the current user , but then after that I discover it’s not possible directly to do so , so I just want to ask how to add a profile image(dynamic image) to a NavBar  Thanks in advance
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Hello Wael Alnadeem,

You can follow the steps;
1. Create a snippet.
2. Add a data view and select microflow as data source.
3. Configure the microflow to return the current object where the image is.
4. Add the dynamic image inside the data view.
5. Now call the snippet in nav.

Hope my answer helps. Reach me out for any queries.


Mr Kumar have shared a good answer (as also same solution in my mind and last project).


But for the sake of convenience, we can found some samples from Martkeplace.

For example, the “Timesheet Approval App” Template ( in Marketplace had the function you need.


Hope it can help.