Save column Hiding preference of Eye icon in Data Grid 2

This Eye icon shows the column list and helps us hide and display columns in Data Grid-2. I have a requirement where I need to save that Hide/display preference for each user . If the User hides first 4 columns and wants only the rest , I want to save and retrieve that preference data and show the same table to the user where the first 4 columns are hidden.   I tried to achieve it with External radio buttons and having 2 different entities where I save and and hide the columns based on that (Save  the preference with one persistent entity and display with on NP entity). I am able to hide the cells (In Dynamic cell class) but not the Column header(Not able to apply dynamic CSS to header in Appearance section of data grid-2) based on this , Dynamically.   Is it possible to use that Eye Icons data and save it and manipulate it the next time the user logs in to show the same table for the User?
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