Hide Data Gird-2 Header dynamically without using EYE icon using CSS

I am working on Data Grid-2 . I have a requirement where I need to hide the columns and save that column preferences and show the same columns next time the user logs in. To Hide the columns I used Radio buttons and used CSS to hide column in Dynamic cell class inside column config of the Data Grid. But the CSS only applies for the column cells as expected and the header is visible. This visible header is preventing the next column to come in the hidden column’s place. can someone help me on hiding the Column header dynamically using CSS or other techniques?   The Eye icon cannot store the hiding column preferences and retrieve it to show the same in the next session when the user logged in , so I went with entities and radio buttons.   I have created entities to save column hiding preference and displaying them. Based on that entity data I need to hide column headers. The problem is in can apply CSS to particular column headers dynamically. Thanks in advance.       Similar question to solve the same problem you can answer either one of them Mendix Forum - Question Details
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