How to refresh data inside a data grid

Hi colleague,   I have this one of the tabs in a data grid   everytime I click the import the imported data is not reflected immediately unless I refresh it.  I must not use calling the page because when it refreshes, the first tab is the one that will be displayed not this one that I took the screenshot(this is the 5th tab).   Is there any way to immediately reflect what I imported without having to refresh the whole page? 
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Hi Kurt,

It depends how you implemented the import functionality. 
If this is done using a microflow you can simply turn on the “Refresh in Client” function on your commit.

Also regarding the Datasource of your grid (e.g. if a Microflow has been used) you might need to refresh your context object instead.

Hope that helps!



In you case the value will be updated in database side. If you want to refresh the data without refreshing the page use  “Microflow Timer” where you can add timing that auto reloads the data by calling a microflow.

First download this :

Next insert the downloaded widget in the page were you want to reload automatically and set timer.

Finally call a microflow which refresh the object you want to 

Simple dhaan. Just try it.