Use the icon of treenode to expand or shrink

Hello everyone!, I’m trying to change the standard behaviour of the treenode to expand or collapse only when clicking the icon that comes with the treenode, in aditional, i have a dropdown container in the header treenode with action buttons that expand or collapse the treenode when clicking on it and i need to disable this action as well (expand/collapse treenode) any ideas for this?, thanks in advance 
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The standard behavior of the Mendix tree node widget is to expand or collapse when the entire row is clicked. 

there isn't a built-in way to modify this behavior to only respond when the icon is clicked.

However, you might be able to achieve this using custom JavaScript or by creating a custom widget. 

As for the dropdown container in the header tree node, if it is triggering the expand/collapse action of the tree node, you might need to adjust the z-index of the dropdown container or the tree node. If the tree node has a higher z-index than the dropdown container, it will take precedence when clicked. Adjusting the z-index of the dropdown container to be higher than the tree node should prevent the tree node from responding to clicks on the dropdown.


Hi Deniel , for this you will need jquery. 


for more information you can see here