How to implement UI that allows multiple user roles as selectable options

Hi, I would like to create a user interface that offers multiple user roles as selectable options. These roles will be based on an Enum in my application. I also want  to include radio buttons for primary/general options that are also defined in the Enum. Please refer to the attached screenshot for the desired UI layout. Can anyone please explain on how I can achieve this UI?  
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As a starting point, I would use the System 'UserRole'’ entity, for each role the system has automatically created an object and users can only see the user roles which they can manage according to the security settings. With the "simple checkbox set selector" you can achieve a UI like this, without the primary/general options.


What does the primary/general enum do? In case there is only one primary user role I would suggest to let the user first select the primary role or allow selection based on the selected user roles afterwards.