Change object with nanoflow

Hi,   I am trying to fix a problem but can’t get it running properly. The starting point looks like this:     Background: In the datagrid by nanoflow the user can click in each row and select a level, which changes the boolean attribute (eg. level_0_selected) in the entity to yes/no. All selected cells are highlighted. The enumeration entity and the datagrid entity are connected via a 1:1 relation. The enumeration in the dropdown has two values: set all level 0 to yes set all levels to no (=nothing selected) This is realized with an “on change” event on the dropdown calling a nanoflow for the datagrid. So far, everything working.   Problem:  Dropdown set all level 0 to yes: everything is set to level 0 but not highlighted → NOT OK Dropdown set all level to no: all levels are set to no and page is updated, so all the highlighted cells are blank → OK I am trying to understand why the page is updated on deselection but not on selection. I checked the flows and the values of returned list for the datagrid. There all attributes have the correct value.    Maybe someone has an idea? Thanks!
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Is your context entity refreshed properly in the OCh nanoflow?