Display a text as hyperlink in data grid view

I need to show a text as hyper link in data grid instead of string. How to do it?   Thanks in advance.
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Hi Vignesh,


is it an option to use Datagrid2? Here you can use custom content and add a hyperlink.


maybe you can use a datagrid 2 or a listview instead, doing so you should be able to make a link button.

If this is not acceptable in your case, you can still try to do it using javascript. you put a class name on the column where you want the link to be in. then in your javascript you add a <a href></a> element. 


for example <div class="mx-datagrid-data-wrapper">test</div>

will be replaced by

<div class="mx-datagrid-data-wrapper"><a href=”test”>test</a></div>