mxui.css location for version 8

Hi All,   As we know mendix 8 version does not have mxui.css file generated like version 7 for custom UI. But there is a legacy mxui.css file in GitHub to use for v8. But I am not sure where to place these files because I don’t see them in v7. Does anybody know the location? Regards
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Hi Abhinay,


The place does not really matter, as long as it is in your theme folder. I would suggest to create a separate folder in your theme folder, like: "YourProject/theme/styles/mxui.css”. Once the css file is available in your theme folder you can simply import it in your Sass files or include it in your HTML snippets/pages. Do keep in mind that Mendix 8 uses a totally different UI approach, and that importing the mxui.css could therefore create some conflicts or unwanted styling.


Hope this helps,


Regards, Jeroen