Mendix Charts hover add phantom decimals

I’ve been trying to solve this bug for years, but to no avail. I’m hoping maybe some people have new suggestions   Two issues:   Often with bar/column graphs, Mendix will add phantom decimals which are incorrect. See below. The total value for the area I’m hovering (this is an aggregate) should be 12896.152. However an extra 0.0000002 is thrown in there. This happens ALL THE TIME. There is NO WHERE in my app that allows for these extra millionths. Does anyone know how to solve this?   I thought I could at least round by applying some JSON hoverformatting to “.3f” but all it does is adds a *SECOND* hover area in grey. Now this new hover formats properly to 3 decimals, but the white hover with the phantom decimal still shows up. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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The mendix widget throws in a random custom label, which can be overridden by defining ‘hovertemplate’ on your json data object:


'<b>%{x|%d %B}</b><br>Value: %{y}<extra></extra>'