Time Selector marketplace widget - how to make sure the time-input-widget-panel scrolls with the time input field or to make the panel disappear on scrolling

I have used the Time Selector widget from the marketplace and it is working well except if user scrolls after selecting the time but without having clicked off of the widget itself.  Please see images below.   I first tried seeing if I could set it’s position property but the input is not an ancestor of the panel.  In fact the panel sits in a separate div at the end of the html whereas the input portion of the widget is much higher up.   I have tried using an html snippet to change it’s display property to none using JavaScript with JQuery but that isn’t working either.  The jquery code isn’t even running in the console.   Any help would be much appreciated.   Input field before clicking on it:   Click on Input and panel appears:   Scroll down without clicking off of the widget:   JQuery snippet : $(document).ready(()=>{     $(".time-input-widget-panel-select").on({         mouseleave: ()=> { console.log('mouseleave');     $(".time-input-widget-panel-select").css("display", "none");     }}); });
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