Font Import Issue

Hi Team,   Does anyone know how to import local font files and their style variations to a Mendix Custom Design System?
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Can you check this link?

This gives you enough documentation needed import local fonts


Ganesh Acharya  posted the link already. You just need a file, it does not matter if you want to use a font file from google or a local company specific font file*s44x7u*_ga*NjUzNzg3MjcuMTY0NzQ2MjM5Nw..*_ga_4PE2C4QFC7*MTY5MTQ3NTgwNi41NTAuMS4xNjkxNDc1ODc0LjU2LjAuMA..#111-downloading-font-files


“[...]place the fonts folder into the /theme/web/ folder of your Mendix app. Make sure that open-sans.css and the font files are located directly in the /theme/web/fonts/ folder of your Mendix app. [...]”*s44x7u*_ga*NjUzNzg3MjcuMTY0NzQ2MjM5Nw..*_ga_4PE2C4QFC7*MTY5MTQ3NTgwNi41NTAuMS4xNjkxNDc1ODc0LjU2LjAuMA..#112-using-local-font-files

Open your Mendix app’s theme/web/custom-variables.scss file and locate the following line:

$font-family-import: ",400,600,700"

Replace that line with the following code:

$font-family-import: "./fonts/open-sans.css"

Then, save your changes. Run your app and you should see fonts rendered correctly


To be precise, I am trying to Import multiple font files in the same scss file, Eg: Arial and Times New Roman and all it’s variations