Javascript in Mendix

Hi,   I am new to Mendix and I'm trying to create a chord diagram in Mendix using javascript. So, how can I execute chord diagram javascript code in Mendix.   Thank  you in advance!
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Hi Akhil!


Assuming that you want to give database objects from Mendix to the javascript the best way would be to build your own pluggable widget! They have a great tutorial and if you already know react you will be done in no time! 

If you are looking for just javascript you might want to load the javascript using a javascript snippet (available in the marketplace) or execute javascript by a nanoflow.


Hope this helps!


Hi Akhil Gupta

Copy index-example.html file from deployment\web folder within the app dire.
Paste it into theme\web folder
Rename it into an index.html file, and open the index.html file add anything you want.
Example: add <script src="alert.js"></script> and in theme\web folder create a file alert.js and in alert.js file create write alert(); and start your app.
It should work.