Popup closing very slow

Hey community, I’m currently developing a app to manage tasks. In the app there’s a main overview for the users to see their tasks. Im’ using a DataGrid2 to visualize the task list. When clicking a row a popup (Atlas_Core Layout) opens and shows some additional info to the task. The strange thing is, closing the popup takes something from 1-3, or sometimes even 5 seconds. I’m not using any custom close action there. The list in the background is filled by association and should not reload when focusing the page again, but since this is my first Mendix app I’m no expert and can’t tell for sure and I don’t know if maybe conditional formatting (Dynamic classes) is processed again. I have some columns in the underlying DataGrid2 that use snippets which call this additional formatting, for example to highlight delayed tasks. It would be great if someone would have a idea how to speed up the closing of the popup.
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Hi Syman,

  • Data Loading: If your popup is displaying additional information related to the task, ensure that the data loading process is efficient. If you're fetching more data from the server when the popup opens, it might cause delays when closing. Optimize your data retrieval by using efficient associations and indexing.

  • Dynamic Classes: If your popup's dynamic classes or conditional formatting involve complex logic, they could slow down the rendering of the popup and impact its performance. Simplify and optimize these expressions if possible.

  • Snippets and Widgets: If you're using snippets and widgets within the DataGrid2, they can impact performance. Each snippet or widget might trigger additional rendering and processing. Check if any of these components are causing the delay. Consider optimizing or simplifying them.

  • Client-Side Actions: Any client-side actions that run when the popup is opened or closed might contribute to the delay. Check if you have any microflows or nanoflows running during these events. Simplify or optimize these actions if they are resource-intensive.

  • Event Handling: Review the events associated with the popup. For example, if there are "On Load" or "On Close" microflows, they might be causing the slowdown. Make sure these actions are necessary and streamlined.

  • Data Refresh: If your DataGrid2 is tied to a microflow that refreshes data when the page regains focus, it could impact performance. Consider whether refreshing the data on focus is necessary, and if possible, optimize this process.

  • Page Size and Layout: If your popup has a complex layout or a large number of widgets, it could slow down rendering. Simplify the layout if feasible. Also, make sure the page size isn't excessively large, as it can impact performance.