how to turn scss off for a widget?

we are trying to restyle the mendix accordion widget, so stripping it of the initial styling and adding our own.   atlas has an awesome ‘exclusion variables’ file where you can turn off legacy styling. also in the atlas webcontents there is a file called ‘main.scss’ where you can turn off certain styling.   the accordion widget unfortunately is a standalone widget, is there a way to turn the styling of an individual widget off?   this beast:
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Hi Jason,


Maybe the easiest solution would be to duplicate “accordion-main.scss” and rename that duplicate to something like “accordion-main-legacy.scss”. 

And then write your own custom code in accordion-main.

Also check the AccordionGroup.tsx, accordion-main is called there, so do not call legacy one there, since the default styling will be applied then.

Let me know if answer helped you in any way