Bar chart configuration

Hi there,  I’m trying to use the bar chart widget, but I dont know how to include the value of the record in the bar itself.  On the other hand, I would like to knowto adjust the thickness of the horizontal bars, when there are many records they are too thin and when there are too few they are too thin thick.     Thank you so much.
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Hai Raúl Cuerdas,

it seems like you want to create a bar chart where the value of each record is displayed within the bar itself, and you also want to adjust the thickness of the bars based on the number of records. Here's how you can approach these tasks:

1.Create an entity BarChar add integer attributes or string attributes based on your output value, you have to place tha barchart widget in to a dataview that contains BarChar Object as a data source

3.Next you have to create one series  that contains BarChar entity


4.Add a new microflow and retrive the value stored object that you need to show in your barchart bars

then create BarChar entity and store the values using loop or anything that you want then return the Barchar entity 

5.Refer this images for further UI changes