Captions (some) of Navigation menu-items not visible

Hi, I'm new to Mendix, so probably I'm making a rookie mistake, but I can't figure out why in my simple navigation menu some items have a caption and others don't. I've tried to remove items and re-add them and also put as action an existing page (like the one which actually works "Administrar verbos") but nothing seems to work.   I would like to show some screenshots, but it's a local application so not available on the internet; therefore I describe them below.   In Mendix Studio Pro I created this menu: <icon> <Home> <icon> ChrisTest <icon> Administrar verbos <icon> Just a test   In the app on my laptop, run locally, it shows like this: <icon> Home <icon> <icon> Administrar verbos <icon>   As you can see, two of the four menu-items don't show their caption, althouth they were entered (and saved) in Mendix Studio Pro. If I create a new project, the problem does not exist: all menu items have their captions, so the problem seems to be in the project itself.   Additional info: I did make some changes in the CSS of the Navigation in Atlas_Default, but as far as I know I reversed it all.   What am I doing wrong and what can I do to correct it? Thanks for the help.   I'm using Mendix Studio Pro Version 10.1.1  
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Hello Koos,


It might be possible that you've added 2 languages in de modeler, e.g. Dutch and English US. And only the caption for one of these has been provided.

If this is the case, you can change the language in the right lower corner and afterwards provide the correct caption.


Another issue that could cause something along these lines, is navigation items that your User Role doesn't have access to. However that would also hide the icons, not just the captions.