SCSS not loading

We are running an app in 9.12.4, that had been upgraded a long time ago from 7 to 8 and then 9. We've noticed that when we come to make changes to the scss files that they are not being pulled through to the app. What we have found is that if we run the app locally and run developer tools within the browser (MS Edge) and go to sources, we can browse the styles\web folder containing all the scss files. If we click on these files we should be able to see the contents, but instead we get this error > Could not load content for http://localhost:8085/styles/web/sass/app/_Diagram.scss (HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE)   Any ideas why this is...?
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Hey Justin,


Did you do full migration from Atlas 2 to 3 following Mendix docs?


If yes you probably made some mistake because your path should be different (on error)

e.g. http://localhost:8085/deployment/theme-cache/styles/web/sass/app/_Diagram.scss something like this