Weird text formatting

Hi community I'm trying to display some text in my DataGrid2. Strange thing is that the text looks like this: but when editing that text it shows its real formatting which looks like this: Why does Mendix ignore the extra line breaks and removes them while displaying the text and how can I solve this issue? The column is set to "Dynamic Text" and uses Text-Wrap so that the full text is visible and not only the first line.
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Hi Syman,


If you need text to display exactly as it is entered in a field, you will want to make use of the Rich Text widget.


First, you will need to enter the text in the rich text widget with the data source as your string attribute.


Then you will need to put the rich text widget in a custom content column of your datagrid 2 with the editable option set to never.


Then, your the text will appear in your datagrid 2 with the exact formatting that it is entered with.


Hope this helps!