Styling file manager on mobile devices

Hi all, How can I style the file manager on mobile devices? I tried it on multiple ways but without success. What I see is that the HTML is quite different on mobile devices. See the both images for the difference.   Below the file manager in the desktop version.   Below the file manager on mobile devices.   Kind regards, Steven Dorresteijn  
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Hi Steven,

I noticed that in the mobile phone environment the class "mx-wrapped-input" disappears. 

What a solution might be for you is, to add a piece of javascript on that file manager page to add that, or another, class to the file manager. Then you will be able to style the file manager as you want. 

Hope that helps.




Hello Steven,

Did you try using a .mx-fileinput .mx-normal-form selector for your mobile styling?

If you get to try this, try to have a look at the styles present in the console and if the styles you put in come through in the front end. Don't really see why they wouldn't, might also be worth checking if your SASS compiled (if applicable) and if other CSS came through in you app instance.

Hope this helps


Hello Dragos,

Thank you for your reply. I tried to add the selector. 

But I can't change the background color of the button. Neither I can change the label on the button and the label 'No file chosen'.