Style change of Download file page

Greetings, colleagues!   I am working on one project that requires unique style. I was able to successfully change style of pages, snippets, headers, etc... I am stuck at "Download file" pop-up page. I want to change it's style and to add some extra functions to it.  Does anybody have experience with this? Any kind of advice is welcome.  Here is the pop-up i want to change.   Thanks in advance and best regards.
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Do you mean you would like to customize the pop-up with extra functionality?

In that case you could create a custom microflow that opens a custom page(pop-up) and gives the 'FileDocument' entity/generalization to the pop-up. You could style and design this page any way you want. Then you also create a microflow in order to download the file, in this microflow you use the 'download file' action to download the document.