Change Mendix logo in app

Hi all,   I have been trying to change the Mendix logo in a project with a custom logo. I created a custom theme, replaced logo files, made the entry to the _custom-variables.scss file and activated the theme in the desktop modeler settings. Some of my changes where successful (like login page background image) but no matter what I do the Mendix logo won’t change.7   Any advice on what to look out for typically?  
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Hi Jakob,


You could also take a look at changing the image in the layout of your page, so for example in Atlas_Default. You could upload an image to the modeler and change the image in the layout manually. Hope that helps.


The logo can be set in custom_variables with

$brand-logo:                                        "../../../logo.png";
$brand-logo-height:                                 50px;
$brand-logo-width:                                  40px;

I assume you did that? Are you sure the path is correct? Did you also compile the sass file? You can check with the developer console of your browser what is actually shown…

regarsd, Fabian