CSS: Create class for specific input button

Hi, I have an referenceSelector-Widget and want to change the background-color of the input field to white. In the custom.css file I used following css-code: input.form-control {background-color: white !important;} Which worked perfectly, but I want to use this for one specific widget. Therefore I have selected the referenceSelector widget in the Mendix Modeller and written down “custom” as a class under the property “Common → Class”.  Afterwards I tried following css codes and none of them worked: input.form-control.custom {background-color: white !important;} input.form-control custom {background-color: white !important;} input.form-control, custom {background-color: white !important;} custom.input.form-control {background-color: white !important;} input.form-control>custom {background-color: white !important;}   Can anyone help? :)
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Hello Omer,

Can’t quite remember the HTML structure of a input but I believe this will work:

.custom input {background-color: white !important;}

Hope this helps