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Add an overview for Scheduled event start times to Sprintr/Modeler


With multiple scheduled events in my application it would be useful for me to see when exactly they'll start to run.
Especially when most of these are synchronizations which could take a while if there are many objects to process.

In the current situation I would need to manually search for my scheduled events in the modeler. Click to open each one separately and write down what time they start to get an overview of what's going to run when.


00:30 sync 1
01:30 sync 2
02:00 sync cat images with the cat connector
02:30 sync 3

I would like to have this information available in the Scheduled events overview in Sprintr in Model options.  I can see if they are Enabled, but not WHEN they will run. There's obviously also the option to add it in the Scheduled Event description. But this would still mean you'd have to manually keep this up-to-date. The average (or max? ) duration of a scheduled event would be nice too. But we can always log this ourselves.

Extra kudo's when this would also be available in the modeler itself so that I don't need to go to Sprintr to check the times. Quality of life improvement.

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The possibility of altering the timing of scheduled events in sprintr (and on premises) would also be very welcome. 


What you can do is go to Find Advanced and select scheduled events. You will then see in the Find Results a column with Start