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Ignore Warnings


It could be helpful to be able to remove/ignore specific warnings from the warning list. In a large project, we often have many (hundreds) of warnings, but by far most of them are deliberate choices made by us. If we could disable these specific warning by hand (preferably by multi-selection) we can actually use the warning section in the Errors pane. Now we simply don’t look at it, while sometimes there is a warning that is actually helpful.

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Hi Sean:

I think it comes in two-fold: (1) project settings (2) on document/artefact level.

(1) We need to save settings on a project to 

  • Exclude specific Modules from receiving warnings:
    • Example 1:  I want to exclude the “Encryption” module from warnings.  I receive many warnings because I have a n additional Language in my App 
    • Why: mainly applicable for AppStore Modules.
  • Exclude specific warning types :
    • Example 1: In our designs we use fontawesome icons instead of glyphicons. This leads to a lot of empty camptions warnings, while it is acutally a deliberate design choice.
    • Why: More easy then sorting in the warning screen.


(2) Enable/disable per artefact;

  • In the properties of each element which could possibly receive errors,  I would like enable/disable the check on warnings. Just like we can mark microflows as “used”


The main advantage is that during development, the counter of the "warnings” in the console will actually provide the developer information on the quality of his work.


yes please :D 


nice idea!

question: if we had such a feature, would it be enough to enable/disable warnings for the whole project?

or do you want to be able to enable/disable per document? (for example, for only 1 Microflow or 1 Page)


I agree with Jord and Jitze.


Great idea. Small addition: an option to exclude the App store modules. Often you don't want to put effort in solving warnings in those.