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Update project flow seems counterintuitive


As a UXer I work on a proj once every 2 weeks.

sometimes a proj will be updated to a new version this is the current flow.

  1. open project (opens in 7.21)
  2. update project in modeler
  3. get error message:

    ( I already have that version of mendix installed….)
    So this doesnt help me at all.
    it’s a dead end.
    why not a button, “open in 7.22.2”
    or atleast instructions on what to do next.


ok so now i manually open 7.22.2
find my project


o i get another error

ok so after talking to my team mate. He said to just download a new one from the team server.

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This has always bothered me as well. It does not feel right to migrate my local version when i already now I just want my local copy to be whatever is currently in SVN.

I personally always update with TortoiseSVN manually and then open the project, in which case it will open in the correct modeler version automatically.