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Scrollable project explorer when dragging a document


When you have a project with a lot of modules (50+ modules), folders (100+ folders), microflows (250+ microflows), etc. it takes a lot of time to drag a microflow or page from one folder/module to another. It would be nice if you could scroll when you are dragging. Of course you can collapse all the modules except for the ones you are dragging from and to, but in a big project it would definitely help.

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 I agree with the alternative Pieter mentioned. But still this is just a little shabby. It would be best if the project explorer would function like Windows Explorer. Drag and drop where ever you want. 

Adding Copy / Past in the context menu (combined with multiple select) would do the trick.


That's a great alternative! Thanks Pieter Scherphof.


You can also:

  1. select the document to move
  2. scroll to the module/folder you want the document to move to
  3. click & hold middle mousebutton down
  4. slightly move it over the module/folder so it you're cursor changes to the 'move document'-mode
  5. release middle mouse button to move the document