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Accessible Mendix PDF generator


It would be great if the Mendix PDF generator can generate accessible PDF’s. Proper accessible PDF’s have tagging, order and title.

It is also very hard / time consuming to customize the output/styling of the outputed PDF’s. 

Would it be possible to improve both these issues?

Thank you!

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Oh, a lot of upvotes. Maybe it will be heard this time.
Yes another attempt at making Mendix listen to the community about the horrifying document templates.
Does anyone know if a single Mendix forum user can vote multiple times? #AskingForAFriend
A lot of upvotes in only 6 days.

You can use directly FOP (LOL). 
more realistically, there are good dedicated tools for reporting. Mendix is ​​very useful for preparing the data to be represented which can be consumed by these expert document production applications.

The elephant in the room :)

I am pretty sure we can add the votes of these ideas almost by default, (also see comments of Mendix on this topic): &

Businesses often communicate, report, or make receipts etc. using PDFs. It really is a core feature for a lot of projects. 

It may not have been on the roadmap of 2018 or 2019 but this could be the attempt of 2020.

It seems like Mendix is under the opinion that document creation is not a core feature. I think it’s part of almost every project and a lot of developers would love to see this improved.