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Support XLSX in default excel export button on datagrid


There are a lot of datagrids in our application using the export to excel function. Now they're asking if it's possible to export to xlsx rather than xls. It would save me a lot of trouble to simply flip a switch to make it work rather than building a custom excel export template for each grid in the application.

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Why use a file format which is used standard until excel 2003, while most of of the current excel users are using xlsx which has been available from 2007 ;-)

Currently with large xls files, large amounts of memory is consumed to generate xls files.

When creating xlsx files, the memory consumation can be reduced by using the poi sxssf libraries. The catch with this is a consumation of the temporary disk space, sxxsf streams the xlsx file to a filestream.





Yes and make it possible to change the name. (Old idea, I know)


Yes! And increase the default limit to 100.000 records