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Collapsible Snippets


Snippets are great as reusable parts. Though at the moment I’m developing a custom header with variable items per page. For example this shopping basked, which is a dropdownDivConverter with some content. As I use the shoppingbasket snippet only on the required pages, it would be nice to collapse the content. As through now I have to scroll down every time I open a page in the Studio Pro. 

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and collapse layouts (that often get a bit top heavy after a while)


Would love to see this implemented, preferably also with an option to “collapse all snippets” or “expand all snippets” somewhere in a context menu. It would make pages with many snippets so much easier to deal with.


Great idea! A minimised snippet should then also not be rendered and not take up any resources, to improve performance of Mx Studio Pro, as Studio Pro has performance issues when handling a lot of snippets on a page (that also contain snippets that also contain snippets).

Unfortunately, Mendix previously closed a similar idea: