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Ideas for the mobile MVP group


The group of MVP's that focus on mobile development is busy giving extra input to help Mendix improve their mobile app solution. But additionally, we would also like to help the community build even better mobile apps. 

Our current plan is to regularly write posts or blogs with guides on how to implement specific mobile functionality. Examples of blog subjects we are planning are on how to customize the mobile pin functionality and a How-to-start article.

Since this is an idea forum, we would like to ask you if you have any subjects that you would like to read more about? Any other suggestions regarding what the MVP mobile group can do are also welcome!

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I would love to see swiping in mobile apps made with Mendix.


Good feedback Martin, and great topics! We're always looking for blog topics, so we'll add these to the list. FYI, the footer menu is built-in to the platform and is standard on the page layouts on any of the starting points for a new project.


I'm realy interested in mobile development in Mendix. The current develop blog series "Building a Mobile App with Mendix" is a great start. But i would like to see some blogs with basic explanation about :

- using native functions thru phonegap (camera, geo-location, etc.)

- creating good looking mobile apps (mobile specific css/framework)

- creating standard footer menu button bars. Lots of mobile aps have a button bar acros the bottom of the screen.

- offline capabilities



Hi Ralph, I will vote for anything mobile related;) Another great subject would be a read about all the plugins you get by default in the phonegap package. Especially the plugins that require usage of privacy-sensitive data i.e. camera, contacts, calendar etc.