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AzureDevOps | merging possibility


We do not use the Mendix Cloud to host our code and run our applications.

We store our code in AzureDevOps and we are doing our CI/CD stuff there.

Running in AzureDevOps there is a big disadvantage: No auto-merging is available.
What does this mean?

If you try to merge changes from one GIT branch into another GIT branch with a PullRequest directly in AzureDevOps and in both was changed the mpr file this will run into a mergeconflict. AzureDevOps and the origin GIT client in-behind is not able to merge the changes for you because the mpr file is a binary file and not a readable file to compare each line for changes.

Therefore we have to merge the changes from both branches locally and resolve the conflicts inside of MxSP.

An integration in AzureDevOps would reduce the overhead with local merging.

An error inside AzureDevOps looks like this.

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