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Ability to configure placement of datagrid control bar


We would like to be able to configure where the datagrid control bar and paging buttons appear ... top, bottom, or both.

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@Eric, it should be possible in 8.2. However as Mendix has retracted 8.2 & 8.2.1 we will have to wait for 8.2.2


Does anyone know if this is now possible in 8?


Any update on this feature?


Using custom CSS to move the paging button to the bottom of the data grid does not suffice for my use case, as the customer would like to have paging buttons at both the top and the bottom of the grid. A feature that allows for this, would be great.


Also, for others that are experiencing somewhat similar use cases: there is the 'list view controls' widget available in the App Store that allows for pagination options on a list view (Mx 7.13.1 or higher). This might help you out in some scenarios. Unfortunately not applicable to mine, however.


ok, so this is not ideal, but does solve the problem

  display: flex;
    order: 1;
    order: 2;
    order: 1;



Having some more insight into this would help us be able to plan for what is coming.
I think the lack of control in datagrids atm is one of the most frustrating things about MX as a UXer.

Also here and here:




Hi Danny,

The status of this idea is 'Planned' , but is it clear when it will be implemented?
I would be pleased if you let me know the schedule.

Thank you,


I really agree with this Idea!

My customer always says to me that it is troublesome to scroll up again for paging.

I found that there is a way to move pagination at bottom of grid using custom CSS.

But I think pagination should be putting both top and bottom so that user can see the number of records right after searching.


Especially the paging buttons on the bottom! To have to scroll down, not find your record and have to scroll up again for next page is a real nuisance..