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MfDiff Tool – Beta 3 version published



We just released new version- Beta3 in which the tool is able to:

- compare Domain Model


Beta2's new features:

- compare microflow between different branches

- Compatible with Mx 7.3


Hi everyone,  

We are very pleased to announce that after a long period of development, we have the beta version of MfTool. The main purpose of the tool is to allow developers comparing two revisions. 

Have precise comparison: 

Have Intuitive interaction to navigate the changes: 


You can find more details of the tool in Appstore and visit to download. 


This is till beta version and in need of feedback to be improved, therefore I would like to invite you to use the tool, and support us by giving feedback and suggestions. 


Best regards, 


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Nice work, just gave it a testrun. 


Looks good! Without support for branches I can't really test it though as all our work happens on branches.


Thanks, i just fixed the url


You should sell this tool to Mendix because its value is good enough to be a default functionality of Mendix.


URL should be:

Nice work!!