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button widget submit on enter


When creating a custom login page in Mendix with the authentication widgets for username, password and the sign in button, you lose a feature that lots of users use:


The login form will not submit with pressing enter..

Users need to click on the submit button with the mouse.


Would be really great addition to add this to Authentication widget set

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Hi Peter,


I'm just using the NP Entity as the input. As you see above, the SignIn Action is the Mendix one. Behind that, all functionality is standard Mendix.  


The solution I showed doesn't support SSO. Not that it would be impossible, but we didn't build it that way.  

We made no modifications to the Marketplace Module - Administration.


Go Make It



Thanks for the work-around Marco!


How do you combine the Sign In-widget and Validation message-widget with a normal textbox for emailaddress and password?

If I try to do that, an error will popup stating that in order for the Sign In-button to work you need to have the Login ID widget in the page..


So your proposal will fully replace the authentication widgets.

Then it will work, but you won't use anything of the given solution anymore.


Please vote for the proposed improvement on the authentication widget.


Hi Peter,


That would be great. Now we consistently implement this workaround. We create a NP Login Entity as a Page parameter for the Login page



In this, we get an Event property for the fields (missing in the original one).


On Enter key press → Call a Nanoflow


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