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Disable during action should be the default


It's just weird that the default behaviour for anything a user can click on, is that they are allowed to double click with results varying from unwanted behaviour to errors or confusion.

- For every microflow button "Disable during action" should have been the default.

- This setting should be available for buttons in datagrids.

- Clear examples should be provided for developers of custom widgets to achieve the same behaviour in custom widgets as well.

I can think if only one use case where the current default behaviour is desired, which is when you're making a Mendix version of Cookie Clicker. Implementing these suggested changes would make every application better by default, while still allowing the flexibility to use to old setting if really desired.

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Hi Marcel, which Mendix version do you use? Below image from a Mx 8.12.x app, where the “Disable during action” is a property and default is set to yes on datagrid action buttons


Great that this is default for non datagrid buttons, but what about datagrid buttons (like 90% of the buttons in our app). When will those be disabled during action by default? Now we can't even set this property on datagrid buttons.