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Documentation Icon in the Modeler


In Mendix there is a possibility to add a bit of documentation in the ‘Documentation’ tab in Microflows, Domain Model entities etc. I think this is a great thing because it provides an opportunity to elaborate on pieces of the logic which are not always self-explanatory. Also having the ability to add documentation for your logic makes it quite easier to assemble documentation later on when the business asks you for it.


However, I think it would be great to have a small symbol or icon on these elements where documentation has been actually added in these ‘Documentation tabs. This way, developers who are looking for a bit of clarity are informed that there is some information available about the elements they can’t completely understand from looking at the logic. Thus far I have not seen many people use the ‘Documentation’ tab as a quick access to some documentation, but I think this is also because when there is actual information there, they are not used to looking at it. They often refer to big documentation which is often too big to find the specific things you are looking for. See quick example below.



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