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Stylingless as toggleable property (for list view, templategrid)


I am currently styling a project that has already half been styled in the modeler.

I find myself adding a lot of "-styleless" classes removing styles.

having a toggle would make my life a little bit easier.

Maybe with a remove styling for all siblings?

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Hi Jason, we have added it to the list of improvements for an upcoming Atlas UI. We used to have this in the Mendix UI Framework as a default option for datagrid, listview and templategrid. 


Would be great if more of the styling classes provided by the Mendix UX helper classes would be selectable in the modeler, just as they did for buttons.


@dennis you might be right.

Its just something i am currently running into while styling checkboxes.

Im sure in some cases it would be horrible, and other times it would help out alot.

if its a toggle, than i dont think it could do much harm :P 


Would be nice to at least make the stylingless feature available on the widgets you mentioned. I think a lot of people don't even know that these helper-classes exist.

Regarding the removal of sibling styling, I don't think this should be handled from the modeler, but just be done from the classes and styling being applied, as it would make it quite messy to investigate why certain styling is or isn't being applied.