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Copy conditional visibility


I would love the ability to right-click a data view/layout grid/input box/whatever and select "copy conditional visibility".

Sometimes when creating a large overview (especially when the page is used for multiple user roles), you end up with a ton of conditional visibility. In cases like these it would be great to be able to copy and - of course - paste them.

The same could go for editability!

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such a feature would be awesome. extended with:

  • Copy Multiple properties:
    • Design properties
    • classes
    • Visibility
    • dynamic classes
    • render modes
    • accessibility attributes
    • tooltips (+ convert caption to tooltip)
  • copy individually properties (list from above)
  • Copy/Paste on click action (just like the copy prototype flow in Adobe XD)
  • visibility expression to attribute-based
    • (currently when there are a lot of checks, people use the transform to expression as it’s easier to copy, but you might get inconsistent variations between the two options. and it’s less readable)
    • would be nice if we could transform back if it’s a single attribute (and ofcourse copy/paste)
  • Transform To with properties
    • Labels to text (visa versa)
    • container to layoutgrid (visa versa)
    • datagrids/lists would be awesome to, but I expect that’s quite a heavy feature.

I am rebuilding a mx7 appinto mx9, the amount of conditional visibility on legacy items, on tables and mess, I would love to copy paste conditional visbility from a table to a container or text element.


thats an awesome idea.

In Adobe XD when you copy an element you copy multiple properties, and then paste just one of them.


Copy item (ctrl+c)
rightclick, paste appereance

I could imagine same thing here.

copy item, paste classes, conditional visibility, or some other property that would make sense :D 


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Been struggling with this for a VERY long time.